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New at Heinen’s: Great Lakes Growers

Great Lakes Growers greenhouse

Even when the chilly and rainy weather is upon us, fresh, locally-grown produce is always a major priority for Heinen’s. Thanks to our local greenhouse partners like Great Lakes Growers, we can ensure that our customers have access to high-quality, hand-picked produce, grown just miles from our stores, all year long.  With a state-of-the-art indoor growing facility spanning over 80,000 square feet, Great Lakes Growers has an array of freshly-grown greens that we know will become kitchen staples in your home. 

You may be familiar with Great Lakes Growers’ Living Lettuce and Watercress Fusion, which have been in our Produce Department for years. This spring, we are excited to introduce nine newly-developed packaged lettuce blends from Great Lakes Growers.  Grown in Burton, Ohio, these new lettuces are guaranteed pesticide and herbicide-free and always full of fresh, crunchy flavor. We’re excited to add these products to our assortment of Great Lakes Growers’ greens. Find them in your local Heinen’s Produce Department today!

Mediterranean Mix 

Great Lakes Growers’ fresh-cut lettuces are unique, specialty lettuces. First up is the new Mediterranean Mix! This mix is a classic blend of five sweet lettuces and makes a great base for any salad. 

Icicle Lettuce

Our second fresh cut addition is Icicle Lettuce, a gourmet baby leaf blend that crosses leaf lettuce and iceberg lettuce. This new lettuce provides a sweet, rigid leaf that has a thick texture and great crunch, making it great for salads, sandwiches and burgers!  

Fresh Cut Butter Lettuce 

The last fresh-cut lettuce is the Butter Lettuce. This mix combines baby leaf red and green butter lettuces and makes a great base for prepping a simple lettuce and herb salad!

Dill Fusion

Alongside the fresh-cut lettuces, we’re introducing two products from Great Lakes Growers’ Fusion Blends line. The Dill Fusion is a delicious mix of their favorite lettuces combined with sweet dill to create a unique and flavorful salad blend. 

Microgreens Fusion

We’re also introducing the Microgreens Fusion! This mix features Great Lakes Growers’ favorite fresh lettuces combined with nutrient-packed microgreens to create a colorful and healthy salad blend with robust flavor.

Supreme Greens Baby Spinach

Next up, Heinen’s is introducing four Supreme Greens mixes from Great Lakes Growers. Baby spinach is a versatile green packed with nutritional benefits. It can be thrown into pasta, soup or on your favorite sandwich or wrap!

Supreme Greens Spinach and Arugula 

If you love lots of greens, you’ll love this Spinach and Arugula mix. Enjoy the best of both worlds with this fresh and flavorful blend!

Supreme Greens Sweet Crispy Crunch 

Another addition is the Sweet Crispy Crunch mix, a delicious blend of Great Lakes Growers’ Red Frisee, Crunchita, and Icicle lettuce.

Supreme Greens Baby Arugula 

Last but certainly not least is Baby Arugula. This mix is filled with zesty flavors, making it a great base for salads topped with salty cheeses and citrus fruits.

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