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VitalHealth Panel Addresses Three Key Indicators of Health: How Do You Measure Up?

Imagine having the ability to catch a glimpse of what’s happening beneath your skin.

To some this may drum up feeling of fear and anxiety, while others may experience a sense of empowerment. Think about it. If you knew that the health of your cardiovascular system was in jeopardy, would you not be motivated to improve it?

The reality is, if we’re unaware something needs fixing, we can’t very well fix it can we?

With regular visits to your healthcare provider and blood work, you can get a basic picture of the general state of your health. These numbers don’t lie. Basic blood work consisting of metrics which delineate inflammation, sugar and lipid levels as well as some other common tests can serve as a starting point to help you make small changes in your eating habits. However, these basics offer a limited view. The good news is that we are going beyond the basics with a more comprehensive panel now!

Heinen’s and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Todd Pesek, M.D. in collaboration with Cleveland HeartLab are now offering a proprietary blood test panel at Heinen’s Personalized Nutrition Center. Comprised of innovative, scientifically proven and medically relevant biomarkers, this test will identify immune strength, digestive health and cardiovascular risk. 

What’s more, the results will inform important recommendations for how to optimize your health, including specific dietary goals based on the 7 Fx nutritional pillars.

Cardiovascular Risk

According to Cleveland HeartLab:

Although it is essential to assess cholesterol levels, adverse events (such as a heart attack, stroke, or death) have been associated with inflammation, specifically vulnerable plaque related to increased white blood cell activation.

Risk factors such as smoking, hypertension, and diabetes can damage the vessel wall, making it more susceptible to penetration and accumulation of atherogenic cholesterol. The body responds to the injury with an inflammatory response designed to remove cholesterol from the artery wall. This process becomes dysregulated and ultimately potentiates the progression of cholesterol deposition and vulnerable plaque formation, placing an individual at increased risk of plaque rupture and subsequent heart attack or stroke.

The inflammatory biomarker tests offered at Heinen’s Personalized Nutrition Center, covers an individual’s biomarker profile, which may help to identify:

  • early risk for disease, which may result from lifestyle habits
  • presence of disease, characterized by the formation of vulnerable plaque
  • active disease and increased risk for an adverse event

This simple blood test can be used with, or without, cholesterol testing and provides a more complete picture of your risk for heart disease and adverse events. 

Digestive System Health

Within our digestive tract is our Microbiome, or friendly bacteria responsible for the health of our immune system, inflammatory balance, mood balance, and the processing and absorption of nutrients among many other things. This diverse community is unique to each person and is influenced by the types of food we eat on a regular basis. Certain nutrients are processed by our gut bacteria and can result in the release of substances involved in the development of inflammation, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.

With this new VitalHealth Panel you will gain a better understanding of the state of your gut health and receive tailored recommendations on how to optimize it.

Immune System Health

A vitamin and mineral rich diet, along with proper supplementation, are key to the health of our immune system. Included in your proprietary blood panel are vitamin and mineral measurements to test for immune strength.

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The introductory cost for the VitalHealth Panel is $300 (regularly priced at $400) and includes the blood test, a 30-minute consult on the test results with Dr. Todd Pesek, M.D. or associate, and a 30-minute consult with a Heinen’s Registered Dietitian on food and supplement recommendations.

Heinen’s Personalized Nutrition Center (PNC) is located in Heinen’s Mayfield Village Store at 860 SOM Center Road.

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Dr. Todd Pesek, M.D.
By Dr. Todd Pesek, MD
Dr. Todd is a holistic physician and published scholar who specializes in disease prevention and reversal toward longevity and vital living. Heinen's has partnered with Dr. Todd, making him our Chief Medical Officer. The first of his kind in the United States!

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