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Welcome to The Personalized Nutrition Center

Heinen’s Personalized Nutrition Center offers expert nutrition guidance in a soothing, private environment inside Heinen’s Mayfield Village store.

Overseen by Heinen’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Todd Pesek, M.D., and his team at VitalHealth Partners, services include the signature VitalHealth Optimization Package, as well as clinically-guided vitamin therapies.

Explore our offerings below, or contact The Personalized Nutrition Center to learn more.

VitalHealth Optimization Package

The VitalHealth Optimization Package starts at $300.

Uncover your nutritional strengths and gaps with our proprietary, doctor-guided blood panel that evaluates immune strength, digestive health and cardiovascular disease risk. These results inform personalized nutrition recommendations, as well as clinically-guided vitamin therapies that support your unique health and wellness goals.

With the VitalHealth Optimization Package you can:

• Relax while your VitalHealth Optimization Panel is drawn.
• Review panel results with a VitalHealth Partners medical practitioner and discuss recommended whole food supplements and clinically-guided vitamin therapies.

Vitamin Therapies

Key nutrients delivered directly to the cells that need them the most.

In addition to whole food and whole food supplement guidance, your personalized recommendations may include clinically-guided vitamin therapies, like vitamin injections or infusions. These therapies can support immune strength, digestive health, cardiovascular disease risk mitigation, or simply help you regain energy and mental clarity. Vitamin therapy recommendations are based on your VitalHealth Optimization Panel results.

Additional testing may be required for Vitamin Therapies if a VitalHealth Optimization Panel has not been completed.

Learn More about Vitamin Therapies

Vitamin Therapies to Support Immunity

Support your immune system with antioxidants and more. A powerhouse blend of zinc, vitamin C and glutathione are complemented by B vitamins for balance, and magnesium for calmness.

Vitamin Therapies to Support Digestion

Incorporate amino acid glutamine to heal and promote a healthy gut lining. Gain additional inflammatory balance support with vitamin C, energy-packed B vitamins and magnesium.

Vitamin Therapies for Cardiovascular Disease Risk Mitigation

• Metabolize Infusion: Burn fats and lipids faster. Address the key concern of fat toxicity with specifically curated amino acids, like carnitine, to increase fat metabolism.

• Vascular Support Infusion: Promote artery health and support blood vessel lining with arginine, magnesium and B vitamins.

Vitamin Therapies to Regain Energy

 Vitamin D Injection: Improve cognition, mood, and sleep. Vitamin D has epigenetic effects that enable you to express your genes and mitigate your risk of disease, including immune support.

• B-12 Injection: Activate proper cellular metabolism, support healthy blood levels and preserve nerve and brain function.

• B-Complex Injection: Convert sugar, fat and protein into energy. Support healthy blood flow and blood vessel lining.

Boosts (Infusion Ad-Ons)

• Vitamin B12: Regain your energy and banish sluggishness.

• Glutathione: Replenish your antioxidants and support liver detoxification. Glutathione is a master antioxidant that supports all three pillars of health: immune, digestive and cardiovascular.

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