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Heinen’s Mayfield Village Opens New Personalized Nutrition Center

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The first-of-its-kind center serves up convenient, customized health optimization services to customers.

Personalized Nutrition Center by Heinen's

Heinen’s, with 19 stores across Northeast Ohio, announces its new Personalized Nutrition Center located inside Heinen’s Mayfield Village store. The Personalized Nutrition Center offers expert nutrition guidance and tailored health and wellness services within a soothing, private environment.

“Throughout our history, Heinen’s has prioritized the overall health of our customers and communities through strict sourcing standards and thoughtful dietary solutions. We’ve also invested in resources like a Chief Medical Officer, Registered Dietitians, and certified Wellness Consultants,” said Chris Foltz, Heinen’s Chief Innovation Officer. “The Personalized Nutrition Center takes this commitment to the next level, allowing us to interact with customers in ways that empower them to achieve personal health and wellness goals.”

The Personalized Nutrition Center is overseen by Heinen’s Chief Medical Officer Todd Pesek, MD and his team at VitalHealth Partners. It offers a suite of fee-based services designed to help customers optimize their health from the inside out. These services include the VitalHealth Optimization Package and Vitamin Therapies.

The VitalHealth Optimization Package, developed by Dr. Pesek in collaboration with the Cleveland HeartLab®, includes a proprietary blood panel that uncovers key health indicators in immune strength, digestive health and cardiovascular disease risk. The results then inform personalized nutrition recommendations including whole food supplements and clinically guided vitamin therapies.

Dr. Pesek adds, “At Heinen’s, we know that food is medicine and the grocery store is the pharmacy of the future. We are honored to serve our community through a simple and delicious strategy for health and wellness through personalized nutrition recommendations that are rooted in nature and grounded in science. Unlike many solutions, our individualized programs at Heinen’s Personalized Nutrition Center are designed by clinical experts who understand precisely what nutrients the body needs for long-term health and wellness.”

The Personalized Wellness Center is located at Heinen’s Mayfield Village location. Appointments can be made online or by calling 440-571-0006.

Heinen’s Personalized Nutrition Center Hours
By Appointment Only
TUESDAY & FRIDAY: 9am – 5pm
SATURDAY: 9am – 1pm

Founded in 2009 by Dr. Todd Pesek, M.D. VitalHealth Partners has grown into three locations across northeastern Ohio which serve thousands of patients through a healthy food, supplement, and lifestyle-based treatment approach. We do so by providing an optimized program that works for an individual’s specific situation and needs to restore balance, health and wellness. The practice is a trusted source for medical treatment and information in natural health and wellness throughout our community and beyond.

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