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3 Delicious New Cheeses from Old Brooklyn Cheese Co.

3 Delicious New Cheeses from Old Brooklyn Cheese Co.

Beginning this summer, Heinen’s is excited to partner with Old Brooklyn Cheese Co. to offer three new local cheeses in our Specialty Cheese department. Owner Michael Januska’s handmade, artisanal production has now grown in size to the point that he can share his wonderful products with Heinen’s customers, and we are so pleased he will!

Since 2016, Old Brooklyn Cheese Co. has been making highly flavorful artisan cheeses right here in the Cleveland area. Keeping it local, it partners with Hartzler Family Dairy in Wooster, Ohio, to supply the grass-fed, non-GMO-certified milk needed to produce all of their cave-aged, raw cow’s milk cheeses.

Here are three exciting new cheeses from Old Brooklyn Cheese Co. to enjoy at your table and with friends:

Treadway Creek cheese board


Treadway Creek

Treadway Creek is a raw cow’s milk, semi-soft, tomme-style cheese with a satiny mouthfeel. Cave aged for more than four months, it boasts flavors of tangy buttermilk and cured meat.

Pairing suggestion: This cheese pairs well with olive tapenades, stone fruits and dried cherries. Grab a brown ale or Saison ale, and you have met your match!




Inspired by Spanish chorizo sausage, this raw cow’s milk cheese showcases a striking similarity to the classic chorizo flavor profile of smoked paprika and fresh garlic, yet it remains vegetarian-friendly.

Pairing suggestion: Pair with fresh fruits, wildflower honey and Marcona almonds. While enjoying Punk, the drink of choice will be a pale ale or full-bodied Spanish Tempranillo wine.



Pickle in the Middle cheese board


Pickle in the Middle

With the full-on flavors of a deli-style dill pickle, Pickle in the Middle is one of the most-fun and unique new cheeses you can find in our stores! This raw cow’s milk cheese delivers a mélange of whole mustard seeds and fresh dill, garlic and black peppercorns.

Pairing suggestion: Slice this cheese and place it on top of your favorite grilled burger or corned beef sandwich, then let your taste buds savor and enjoy! To round out the meal, pair your sandwich with a crisp, bright pilsner or a chilled Chenin blanc.


You can now find our line of Old Brooklyn Cheese Co. cheeses in the Heinen’s Specialty Cheese Department.

Please note availability may vary by store.

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