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7 Ways to Snack Healthy in the New Year

7 Ways to Snack Healthy in the New Year

This post and photography are courtesy of Nic Abraham.

Snacking can make or break a healthy diet. Eating three balanced meals a day is great, but can easily be overshadowed by choosing the wrong snack options like the free doughnuts in the office breakroom. Luckily, better options are available–ones that are more nutritious and filling than processed refreshments. Here are my go-to snacks to ensure a healthy 2020!

1.Dark Chocolate-Covered Fruit

If it’s snack time and you’re craving something decadent and sweet, try a piece of 85% dark chocolate. It’s been known to reduce cravings for richer sweets and the stearic acid in the chocolate slows digestion which increases feelings of fullness. What’s more, is you’ll feel fancy eating Marich’s Dark Chocolate Blueberries and Balsamic Strawberries!

Marich Chocolates

2.  Frozen Grapes

Considered by some to be the “best snack ever,” frozen grapes are a great mid-morning snack or afternoon pick-me-up. Frozen grapes will also keep you away from processed sweets because they taste so good.

Frozen Grapes

3. Hippeas

What are Hippeas? Well, they are organic chickpea puffs. Packed full of plant power, Hippeas are more than your average snack. Each bag contains about 4 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber. Not to mention, they are organic, vegan and gluten-free. The Vegan White Cheddar is my favorite flavor.


4. KIND Mini Bars

If you’re looking for a snack with ingredients that you can pronounce, KIND bars are a winner in my book. KIND minis are the perfect snack. They taste great and are made from nutritionally-dense ingredients such as whole nuts, fruits and whole grains. No secret or artificial ingredients, preservatives or sweeteners can be found in these tasty treats.

Kind Bar Mini

5. Pineapple with Cinnamon

Pineapples are by far my favorite fruit. They taste amazing and are high in Vitamin C and Fiber. Pineapples also help reduce inflammation and aid in digestion, so it’s a win for your taste buds and health.

Try one cup of pineapple with a dash of cinnamon after dinner to satisfy your sweet tooth. Trust me, it’s truly a treat!

Pineapple With Cinnamon

6. Trail Mix

What do you get when you combine your favorite dried fruits, nuts and more? Trail mix! Whether spruced up with chocolate or made traditionally with raisins, trail mix is always a filling treat. It’s lightweight, packed with energy-dense ingredients and perfect any time of day.

Need trail mix suggestions? Heinen’s has several pre-made options, so you will surely be satisfied.

Heinen's Trail Mix

7. Cilantro Dip with Veggies

Good Foods’ offers a variety of light and creamy plant-based dips including a Cilantro Dip. Unlike most store-bought dips, it’s free of preservatives, added sugars, gluten and dairy. The Cilantro Dip is my favorite, but Heinen’s also offers Avocado Pesto, Buffalo, Queso and Tzatziki Style dips. Just add some carrots and zucchini straws for dipping and you’re all set.

Cilantro Dip and Vegetables

Nic Abraham

By Nic Abraham

Nic Abraham is a holistic lifestyle and wellness enthusiast who runs the lifestyle blog, A Random’s Life. Her goal is to encourage women to make the necessary changes that lead to a healthier home and life.

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