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Vitamins and Supplements

We know how confusing it can be to sort through which supplements to take, what brands are the best and the ones that you most need for optimal health. Heinen’s medical and wellness professionals have eliminated the guesswork and offer a range of special services and solutions for your well being.

In collaboration with Dr. Todd Pesek, M.D., a holistic physician and Heinen’s Chief Medical Officer, we have streamlined our selection of vitamins and supplements. What you will find in our stores is certainly not the largest selection of vitamins and supplements, but you can be assured the choices available at our store are the best quality available. With Dr. Todd’s professional and expert guidance, we have evaluated manufacturers and vendors and their product lines then carefully selected the vitamins and supplements that meet our critical quality and performance standards. The holistic resources offered by Dr. Todd along with the best in class products and in-store wellness and well-being guidance are incredibly unique in the grocery and retail world.


A common question and interest amongst Heinen’s customers is understanding what supplements are critical to ensure optimal health. Maintaining good health begins with a Superfoods-based diet complemented with essential supplements. Active lifestyles and environmental issues such as depleted soils, altered microbiota, toxins and stressors impact our health. Dr. Todd recommends men and women include these “Essential 5” vitamins and supplements:

1. Raw, whole-foods based multi-vitamin with B12
2. Bioavailable iodine
3. Probiotics (Learn more here.)
4. Vitamin D (Click here for more.)
5. Superfoods Omega-3 Fats and Algal DHA

In addition to the Essential 5, men and women need further support to address the inherent stresses of today’s lifestyle, along with improving energy levels and immune systems. Dr. Todd advises we take his Big 3 which are:

1. Matcha (Learn more about Matcha & Maca here.)
2. Maca
3. Cat’s Claw

Wherever you are on your personal wellness journey, we encourage you to stop by the wellness center at any Heinen’s store and speak with one of the certified wellness consultants. They offer guidance, support and individually tailored wellness coaching and customized wellness programs. They’re also available for one- on-one store tours and will keep you up-to-date on scheduled wellness events and programs.