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  • Receive a welcome gift when you enroll online

  • Exclusive weekly member only product discounts

  • You may qualify for FREE products and promotional rewards

  • Notification of new products announcements, recipes, private events and more.

  • Easy access to our weekly ad circular

  • Select a school each year to receive up to 1% of your spending as a donation

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Please complete the application below to receive a Heinen's Tasteful Rewards Card and enroll in the Tasteful Rewards Program. Your card will be mailed within 10 working days. To receive a Heinen's Tasteful Rewards Card immediately, please visit a Customer Service desk at any Heinen's store location.

Already have a Heinen's Tasteful Rewards Card? To request a replacement card or make changes to your existing account, please stop by the Customer Service desk at any of our store locations or call Customer Relations at 855-475-2300 Ext 2337.

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Confirmation of your membership and enrollment will be sent to your email address with a link to your personal profile page when your application is processed. In your Tasteful Rewards profile you can create a password, select the emails you want to receive, select a school and choose your Heinen's preferred store.
Heinen's will mail you 3 cards (1 wallet, 2 key chain cards) within ten working days.
Your email address is needed to complete your enrollment into our Tasteful Rewards program. Heinen's is committed to protecting your privacy. We will never sell your information.
For questions call Customer Relations at 855-475-2300 Ext 2337.