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Fine Wine Department

In 1991, we revolutionized the way wine was sold in a grocery store by introducing world-class wines to our shelves and placing knowledgeable, experienced Wine Consultants in every store. This made the burgeoning world of wine as accessible as any tasting room in wine country.
Wine Department

White, Red, & Rose Wine

Our award-winning Wine Department is a pleasure to discover. Our buyers travel the world to meet winemakers, so expect some impressive finds that don’t appear anywhere else in town. 

Whether you’re looking for white wine, red wine or something bubbly, our skilled consultants are always ready to help with any selection or pairing for your menus. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll special order your requests.

Our stores regularly hold wine and beer tasting events for our customers. These events are themed and complemented by delicious artisan cheeses and bread. Check out our events calendar to find a tasting near you.

Wine From Around the World

We believe that the best wines have great taste and a story to tell, so our wine experts search the globe for remarkable bottles from the most unique winemaking regions. From South America to the Mediterranean to South Africa and more, explore the world through wine with our Road Less Traveled collection.

Pick of the Vine

Pick of the Vine is one of the most popular spots in each of our wine departments. Here you can find the current selection of our best wines for less than $15, arranged in easy-to-choose categories. Our wine buyers sample hundreds of wines to identify those that are the best tasting and a good representation of their varietal while staying within the target budget of $15 or less.

Pick of the Vine at Heinen's