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Your One-Stop Shop for Seafood

We are committed to bringing the freshest and highest quality assortment of seafood to the Midwest grocery shopping experience. If you’re curious about our services, globally responsible sourcing or how our seafood gets from the water to our stores with perfect freshness, we’ve got the answers you’re fishing for!

Holding Fish

Stewards of the Sea: Meet our Trusted Seafood Sources

We are continuously reminded of the importance of natural resources, ecosystems and sustainability efforts. No matter the destination or partner, these values are critical to us. We make sure to ask the right questions and know that this selectiveness to support best practices in the fishing and aquaculture communities will help our resources flourish for years to come.

Globally Responsible Sourcing

We work selectively with aquatic partners who are stewards in the world of aquaculture and make quality fishing practices and the protection of natural resources and wildlife their highest priorities. Finding the best sources for globally responsible seafood takes our team all over the globe, but that does not stop our commitment to knowing where our seafood comes from.

Seafood feast


Our Seafood Department is filled with nearly every type of fish and shellfish you could crave!

  • Thick Fillet and Steak Cuts: Chilean Sea Bass, Cod, Grouper, Haddock, Halibut, Mahi-Mahi, Opah Moon Fish, Rock Fish, Salmon, Swordfish, Tuna, Chilean Sea Bass, Cod, Grouper, Haddock, Halibut, Mahi-Mahi, Opah Moon Fish, Rock Fish, Salmon, Swordfish, Tuna
  • Medium to Thin Fillet Cuts: Flounder, Perch, Sole, Snapper, Tilapia, Trout, Walleye
  • Shellfish Favorites: Lobster (live, tails and meat), Oysters, Clams, Crab (legs and meat), Mussels, Scallops, Shrimp…and more!

Direct Overnight

While having a variety of seafood is certainly important, we won’t sell just anything. We settle for nothing less than seafood with clean, fresh flavor and mouthwatering texture, and we work with our partners to have our fresh seafood in-store with as little time out of the water as possible. If those standards are not met, we simply won’t sell it.

Swordfish Piccata

Bringing convenience & expert inspiration to your table.

Six Ways Your Heinen’s Fishmonger Can Help You

Seafood can be intimidating to purchase and prepare, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re a seafood pro or just getting your feet wet, check out these 6 ways our expert fishmongers make shopping for fresh seafood an easy, full-service experience.

How to Buy Salmon Like a Pro

Choosing and buying salmon at the grocery store can be tricky. With so many options, even professional cooks have questions like, “Why are there so many varieties?” and “What’s the deal with farmed salmon?” Let’s sort this out together with some salmon 101.

Kitchen Tip: How to Grill Seafood

Preparing seafood can be intimidating. It can be especially challenging to cook on the grill because its texture allows it to easily stick to the hot grates. Don’t let this deter you from taking advantage of Heinen’s fresh seafood selection! 

The Amazing Health-Based Benefits of Eating Seafood

Seafood is a superior source of protein, amino acids, fiber, vitamins and essential fatty acids. Discover how you can claim control over your health through the power of nutritious and delicious seafood!

Recipes & Inspiration

Cooking Perfectly Seared Scallops

Cooking seafood is easier than you think, all you need is a set of easy tips to follow. Check out this foolproof guide for searing scallops that’s so easy you’ll wonder why you ever thought it was difficult in the first place.

Grilled Lobster Tails with Herb Butter

Cooking lobster tails doesn’t have to be intimidating thanks to this simple, savory recipe. Butter is a classic pair for this delicious crustacean, but to kick things up a notch, we’re adding fresh thyme and chives for even more delectable flavor. Let’s get grilling!

Orange & Honey Glazed Salmon

Salmon and citrus are a match made in dinner heaven! Pan-seared and coated in a sweet and zesty orange-honey glaze, this main course is delicious with rice or any of your favorite veggies!

Grilled Lemon Ginger Swordfish

Quickly and easily cooked, this hearty fish is delicious on its own or paired with a simple chimichurri and Asian noodle salad!

Shop our Seafood

From salmon to lobster, we have a wide variety of seafood to fulfill your needs. No trip to the ocean required.

Seafood FAQ

What is Farm-Raised Fish?

Farm-raised fish are raised in controlled aquatic areas that exist within large bodies of water. Our partnered water farmers work to ensure that our farmed fish are raised sustainably and hold the health of the animals and environment as their top priority.

What is Wild-Caught Fish?

Wild-caught fish are sourced by fishermen in their natural environment. Availability of wild-caught seafood is dependent upon seasonality. Our partners work diligently to ensure that their fishing practices are sustainable and yield as little bycatch (unwanted marine life caught during fishing) as possible.

What is Refreshed Seafood?

Unlike other retailers whose seafood is frozen twice, our fish is caught, processed, frozen and sent directly to our stores to guarantee freshness. Our refreshed offerings include Alaskan Cod and Sockeye Salmon.

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