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Copycat Frosted Lemonade

Copycat Frosted Lemonade
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The following recipe and photography were provided by our partner, Megan Weimer of Dollop of Dough.

One of the best things about fast food is that you can recreate your favorite dishes and drinks at home just as fast and with better ingredients!

Copycat Frosted Lemonade with a Straw and Meyer Lemons in the Background

Take this copycat Chick-fil-A Frosted Lemonade for example. It’s even better than what you’d get from the drive-thru thanks to freshly squeezed Meyer lemons from Melissa’s Produce and Heinen’s vanilla ice cream, which just so happens to have no artificial flavors.

Each sip is sweet, refreshing, and pucker-worthy!

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

  • It Uses In-Season Meyer Lemons. This frosted lemonade is made with fresh Meyer lemons from Melissa’s Produce, one of Heinen’s trusted suppliers for unique, high-quality produce from around the world. These lemons are sweeter than regular lemons, making them perfect for treats like a frosted lemonade!
  • The Ice Cream is Rich, Creamy and High Quality. Instead of soft serve, this recipe is made with Heinen’s churned ice cream. Free of artificial flavors, the rich, churned consistency gives this drink a milkshake mouthfeel.
  • You Can Make it Faster than You Can Order It. You can whip up a homemade Frosted Lemonade in just about 5 minutes. Make a double or triple batch for a crowd.

Copycat Frosted Lemonade

Copycat Frosted Lemonade


  • ¾ cup freshly squeezed Meyer lemon juice
  • ⅓ cup Heinen's granulated sugar
  • 2 ½ cups Heinen’s vanilla ice cream


  1. Add the lemon juice, sugar and ice cream to a blender.
  2. Blend on low to medium speed until smooth and creamy.
  3. Pour into a glass, garnish with whipped cream and a lemon wedge and enjoy!

Frosted Lemonade in a glass with straw. Meyer lemons in the background.

Megan Weimer

By Megan Weimer

Megan Weimer is a food photographer, recipe developer and blogger. She focuses on creating easy dessert recipes using wholesome, natural ingredients. Her recipes range from healthy to decadent because life is all about balance.

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