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A Deep Dive into Aquaculture

A Deep Dive into Aquaculture

Here at Heinen’s, we are always thinking about the efforts we can make to help our community and our planet. To ensure that we are doing our part, we work to provide our customers with sustainable foods that also uphold our strict quality standards. In terms of seafood, a sustainability model that effectively works towards this initiative is aquaculture.

In a nutshell, aquaculture is the sustainable farming of fish, shellfish and aquatic plants in open water from breeding all the way to harvesting. As explained by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, this method is used to produce food and other commercial products as well as restore habitats and replenish wildlife. In this effort to make seafood a more environmentally-friendly industry, a stronger emphasis on aquaculture is helping restore populations of species that are endangered and threatened.

Our Seafood Department has made a commitment to carry fish raised on sustainable aquaculture farms, which makes a delicious option for any dinner.

The first fish that we carry comes from Pacifico, which is an aquaculture farm that raises rich and flavorful Striped Bass. Located in Baja California, Mexico, the site has strong currents, deep Pacific saltwater and exceptional weather all year round. All of these factors combine to provide the ideal setting for maintaining a sustainable operation for aquatic life.

Pacifico Striped Bass

Pacifico Striped Bass is extremely unique as it is the only true ocean-raised striped bass in the world. It is a rich source for protein and omega-3 fatty acids and is very versatile for any type of preparation, whether raw or cooked.

Pacifico is a Four-Star Best Aquaculture Practices Certified operation — the highest level of aquafarm certification. This ensures that the fish are raised in a manner that is considerate of animal welfare and food safety. This also ensures that the operation is socially aware of the people and communities farming and processing the fish and is respectful towards the farm’s surrounding environments.

Pacifico Worker Working with Fish

Another great option to look for at your local Heinen’s is Rainforest Tilapia which is raised in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica — one of the most sustainable countries in the world. Rainforest Tilapia is raised under aquacultural practices in Lake Arenal, an eco-rich volcanic reservoir. The lake is fed by natural water tributaries along Costa Rica’s Atlantic Coast. Powered by Costa Rica’s natural water systems, the tilapia is raised in constantly flowing water that provides a unique, rainforest-clean taste. Best of all, it contributes to the global goal of sustainable ecosystems.

RainForest Tilapia Aquaculture Farm

Be sure to look for these fresh and delicious options at your local Heinen’s Seafood Department. High-quality flavors and environmentally sustainable! You can’t go wrong.

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