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CBD FAQS: Everything You Need to Know

CBD FAQS: Everything You Need to Know

Heinen’s is excited to expand our CBD and hemp-based product offerings in our Wellness Department. Packed with countless benefits, CBD is an absolute game-changer for your daily wellness routine. We sat down with Justin Root, President of Nutritional Roots to learn more about this powerhouse supplement as it continues to rise in popularity.

The conversation regarding CBD often becomes muddled when it is confused with Marijuana, a substance that’s recreational use is still illegal in most states. Although CBD comes from the Cannabis plant, it is legalized around the country. Ohio Bill 57 “distinguishes hemp CBD as a legal product to sell in stores.” This bill also encourages the agricultural department to develop laws that regulate hemp growing practices in Ohio.

THC, CBD, Hemp – What’s the difference?

1.THC is the most commonly known cannabinoid due to its euphoric, occasionally disorienting effects. These effects are responsible for the “high” someone feels after smoking or ingesting cannabis. Although the substance has benefits, many CBD creators will leave out THC.

2. CBD (Cannabidiol) is another kind of cannabinoid, but unlike THC, it does not lead to feelings of euphoria. CBD has not been reported to have any negative long term effects. Instead, it is known to benefit areas such as sleep, anxiety and pain management. Because of the low-risk factor and many health benefits, more Americans are beginning to use the substance with one in seven Americans taking CBD according to a Gallup Poll.

3. Hemp Seeds are used to make hemp seed oil. This process happens by pressing hemp seeds and extracting their liquid. The resulting oil yields essential fatty acids and antibacterial properties. Hemp seeds make a great addition to everyday foods like yogurt and salads.

Are there different types of CBD?

Yes, there are three varieties of CBD products on the market, and it’s important to understand their differences.

1. Full-Spectrum CBD: May contain all of the cannabinoids found in cannabis, including very small amounts of THC – less than .3%. Because THC is present, it is possible to fail a drug test while taking this kind of CBD.

2. Broad-Spectrum CBD: Typically does not contain THC, but contains other hemp compounds.

3. Pure CBD Oils: This is the purest version of CBD with no other added hemp compounds or cannabinoids. This is 100% THC free.

Is CBD oil safe?

When it comes to the safety of CBD, “there are no studies that show long-term harm from consuming CBD, even in relatively high doses.” The only problems that occur with CBD are when it contains additives. It’s important to always read what type of CBD you are taking, where it comes from and if it contains additives.

Please note, it is always best to seek the advice of your physician with any questions or concerns you may have before starting a new supplement.

How is Nutritional Roots CBD Oil made? Tell us about the process.

The process of creating CBD oil is cyclical due to the regenerative process and sustainability efforts that Nutritional Roots has become involved in. Trees are planted in spring in the Green Mountains of Vermont and although these hemp seeds may start small, by the time fall arrives, they are as large as six feet tall.

Because these trees grow in regenerative fields, come harvest time, they are not entirely removed from the soil. Instead, the roots are left to decompose and nourish the soil. Having a system like this allows farmers to grow sustainable crops since regenerative agriculture helps nourish the soil while also removing harmful toxins.

While the roots of these hemp trees are nourishing the soil, the removed parts of the trees are hung upside down so that the plant’s branches and flowers can dehydrate. At this point, the branches and flowers are removed, as these are the parts of hemp trees with the highest concentrations of cannabinoids.

After gently isolating the CBD with cold-alcohol extraction, every batch goes through a cutting-edge lab to be analyzed for discrepancies, issues and dangers. Once each batch is confirmed to be safe and aligned with the vision of Nutritional Roots, they are sent to the shelves of Heinen’s.

What makes Nutritional Roots’ CBD Oil unique?

Our team at Nutritional Roots “obsessed over every detail” to make the perfect CBD oil that people can feel good about using. It does not contain any THC or compounds that people would worry about consuming. Each bottle contains 30 servings of concentrated CBD isolate. The recommended serving size is 25mg.

The excitement in the scientific community is growing as CBD is found to improve body function, especially when it comes to the immune system. Some scientists have hope that in the future, CBD will become a treatment option for several different issues that affect the body.

Interested in learning more about CBD and hemp products available at Heinen’s? Stop by your local Heinen’s Wellness Department. Our Wellness Consultants are happy to assist you!

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