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Meet Your Go-To Dishes from Daily Bites by Heinen’s

Meet Your Go-To Dishes from Daily Bites by Heinen’s

We believe that everyone deserves delicious, wholesome meals everyday! We also know that life is busy and finding time to plan, shop, prep and cook meals doesn’t always fit into the schedule.

Days like these are when you can lean on Heinen’s Prepared Foods Department to provide entrée, side, salad, sandwich and soup options that are as convenient as the drive thru and as high in quality as a meal you would make from scratch.

Our Gourmet Case offers a seasonal selection of delicious, restaurant quality entrees and sides that our Prepared Foods Associates are happy to package for you. However, if you’re looking for something more speedy, Daily Bites by Heinen’s is the solution you’re craving!

What is Daily Bites by Heinen’s?

Daily Bites by Heinen’s is your one-stop shop for freshly prepared meals that you don’t have to make! Featuring an assortment of pre-packaged ready-to-heat and ready-to-eat items sorted into five foodie categories, it’s our way of simplifying meal planning and prepping for you without sacrificing the homemade touch.

Where Can I Find Daily Bites by Heinen’s?

Providing our customers with easy and appetizing meal solutions is so important to us that we’ve devoted an entire section of our Prepared Foods Department to Daily Bites by Heinen’s. Look for the Daily Bites by Heinen’s signs in the Prepared Foods Department at your local Heinen’s.

What Kind of Food is Available from Daily Bites by Heinen’s?

We’re so glad you asked! From mains and sides to salads, sandwiches and soups, you can find something to satisfy any craving from Daily Bites by Heinen’s. Even better, we’ve grouped the foods into color coordinated categories to make shopping a breeze! Check out our mouthwatering selection:

  • Mains: Craveworthy dishes for any meal
  • Shareables: Fun bites, meals and kits to share
  • Greens: Fresh and crisp loaded leafy salads
  • Between the Bread: Handmade layered sandwiches
  • A la Carte: Sides to pair or make a meal
Daily Bites A la Carte Packaging

Whether you’re looking to customize a full meal, snag a side to add to dinner, sneak in a salad at your desk between meetings or scarf down a sandwich in the carpool line, Daily Bites by Heinen’s has your back!

Can I Shop Daily Bites by Heinen’s Online?

Absolutely! If you’re in a pinch and can’t make it to the store, order Daily Bites by Heinen’s from your desktop or mobile device for delivery or curbside pickup.

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