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Toast to the Total Solar Eclipse with Heinen’s Exclusive The Totality IPA

Toast to the Total Solar Eclipse with Heinen’s Exclusive The Totality IPA

The following post was written by Heinen’s Director of Wine and Beer.

In celebration of the “once in a lifetime” Total Solar Eclipse happening in April of 2024, we partnered with one of our favorite local Cleveland breweries to make a “once in a lifetime” beer. Brewed in very limited quantities and available only at Market Garden Brewery and Ohio Heinen’s locations through our Brewery Partner program, our exclusive The Totality IPA will be a ray of sunshine on an otherwise dark afternoon in Cleveland!

Several months ago, our beer team began planning ways to commemorate Cleveland’s unique position in the path of totality, located dead center of the solar eclipse happening on April 8, 2024. When asked if they wanted to collaborate on a celebratory brew for the occasion, Market Garden’s Head Brewer, Andy Tveekrem quickly said “Yes!”.

A Vertical Image of a Can of Heinen's Totality IPA Beer on a Surface with an Eclipse Behind it

Settling on a popular style, Andy brewed a hazy IPA, clocking in at 6% ABV and 42 IBU. The name, Totality, is an obvious nod to this historic occurrence. However, the beer is brewed exclusively with Galaxy hops, another celestial call-out to the eclipse. This results in a “single hop” beer, which really highlights the unique characteristics of that specific botanical. Galaxy hops are known for their exclusively fruity profile. Loads of passion fruit, peach, and orange notes abound, with little or no piney/resinous character. Additionally, as a “one-two” punch, Andy selected a very specific strain of yeast, called “Cosmic Punch” to brew this masterpiece. This was chosen to accentuate the fruit profile of the Galaxy hops. The resulting beer is velvety, luscious, and absolutely stunning.

Make certain to pick up a few cans prior to the April 8th phenomenon in Cleveland. Market Garden’s homage to the eclipse is sure to quench your thirst for unique, well-crafted beer during this celestial experience. And, you won’t need special “viewing goggles” to enjoy this perfect pair to the total solar eclipse.

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