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We Know Our Sources: Blume Honey Water

We Know Our Sources: Blume Honey Water

Water and honey. It’s a combination that sounds so simple, but in reality, it carries so much goodness. Dating all the way back to the first Olympiad, this drinkable duo was a source of hydration and energy for competing athletes. Many still enjoy this thirst-quenching drink today, but not everyone knows just how enriching this water actually is. Founded in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Blume Honey Water has perfected a variety of honey-infused waters that capture all of the delicious and healthy qualities honey has to offer.

The Blooming of Blume Honey Water

Honey is often revered as the world’s first sweetener. Blume Honey Water’s CEO and founder, Michele Meloy Burchfield, has been on an ongoing quest to learn about all things honey so that she can share its plentiful benefits with the world. While most people in the honey industry start at the beehive, Michele’s career started in craft beer; however, as a result of an introduction to a coach at her oldest son’s school, a new vision was born. Contrary to traditional wrestling standards, high school coach, Joe Ross, wanted his athletes to treat their bodies with respect, so he started giving them honey and water to help support energy levels during class and practice. Seeing the positive effect that this simple drink had on his wrestlers, he started working with Michele, a seasoned expert in the beverage industry, to investigate how to bring this beverage to market. From there, Michele took a deep dive into the world of honey.

Blume Honey Water 3 Bottles

Honey – “A Treasure Trove of Goodness”

To appreciate its many benefits, it’s essential to understand honey as a sweetener itself. We live in a world where cutting sugar is encouraged due to the health issues that have resulted from decades of overconsumption. Honey, however, satisfies our sweet cravings in a natural and energy-sustaining way. Similar to sugar, honey consists of glucose and fructose, but unlike sugar, it does not cause quick energy spikes. Instead, it acts as a long-lasting energy source. Additionally, when our bodies break down traditional sugar, the molecules that are not used for a quick jolt of energy are converted to fat. However, the sugar molecules that we don’t use from honey are converted to glycogen and stored in the liver for an energy reserve. With all of these amazing benefits, it’s no wonder that Michele calls honey a “treasure trove of goodness”.

Officially Organic

Putting her vast knowledge and passion for honey to good use, Michele’s next task was to source the perfect honey for her water. During this process, the Blume team tasted over 600 varieties of honey, but their biggest priority was finding organic honey. Currently, there is no organic honey produced in the United States, so Michele found sources in South America and Mexico — both organic certified. After searching far and wide, Michele and team finally fell in love with an organic wildflower jungle blossom honey sourced in the mountains of Northern Mexico. The honey is beekeeper-owned and provides the subtle but stunning flavor you taste in Blume Honey Water.

Honey in Glass Jar

Flavors that Waltz Across the Tongue

After finally finding the perfect ingredients for her product, Blume Honey Water created three unique flavors: Citrus Vanilla, Wild Blueberry and Ginger Zest. All three refreshing flavors can be found at your local Heinen’s. Though honey is known for its thick texture, it does not change the consistency of this water. Blume Honey Water is lightly sweetened with the organic honey, creating a light and refreshing beverage with a delicious flavor profile. As Michele describes it, “the honey is not breakdancing across your tongue, it’s doing a delicate waltz.”

We are all capable of being “Beeless Beekeepers.”

In addition to understanding the captivating science behind honey, it’s important to understand the buzzing creatures that make it. Bees are integral for both our ecological cycle and food supply chain. As pollinators, they are responsible for 50-75% of our food supply.

In an effort to support these buzzing honey makers, Blume Honey Water is committed to upholding three key pillars: educating on the importance of pollinators, using organic honey and being bee-friendly. Bees face many challenges and threats in the modern world due to the use of GMOs and irresponsible beekeeping practices. Though not everyone can easily be a beekeeper, Michele believes that we are all capable of being “Beeless Beekeepers.” Through this platform, Michele encourages individuals to make simple decisions that promote the welfare of bees, such as purchasing plants that don’t include neonicotinoids. Neonicotinoid plants are brought up from seedlings with chemicals and pesticides that are not bee-friendly. Your local florist or garden center can help point you in the direction of these bee-friendly plants. This collective effort of simple everyday decisions can make a positive and impactful difference for the well-being of the bee population.

Bumble Bee on Flower

Buzzing with Knowledge

In order for Blume Honey Water to be a bee-friendly company, education is at the forefront of the entire operation. All new associates spend a day at the local aviary in Pittsburgh to learn Beekeeping 101. This includes class time with a Master Beekeeper followed by working the hive. Additionally, all associates are Bee Blume Certified. This is an ongoing knowledge and skill development program for team members that includes an assortment of educational books, documentaries, movies and exercises to keep the team up-to-date on their bee and honey knowledge. Michele’s passion for honey and bees runs deep and she wants her entire team to have the same enthusiasm, credibility and knowledge so that it can be shared with customers.

Bees on Hive

Blume Honey Water is full of nourishing benefits that you are bound to love. It’s also the perfect ingredient to incorporate into your favorite cocktail or smoothie recipes to add a subtle but sweet taste. As we look forward to sunnier days ahead, this hydrating beverage will be a great addition to your refrigerator. Not only will you enjoy its bright and fresh flavor, but you’ll reap all of the amazing benefits that honey has to offer while being assured that our amazing bee population is protected. “Bee” sure to check out Blume Honey Water during your next Heinen’s shopping trip!

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