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Southwest Black Bean Burger

Southwest Black Bean Burger
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The following recipe and photography was provided by recipe developer and food photographer, Ashley Durand of Plate & Pen.

Looking for delicious, easy weeknight meal inspiration? Look no further than the hand-mixed and pattied gourmet burgers in Heinen’s Meat Department. Available in multiple varieties featuring beef, chicken and plant-based alternatives like chickpeas and black beans, each patty is handmade in-store by Heinen’s skilled butchers using premium proteins and inclusions.

Quality and variety are among the many reasons these gourmet burgers earned the exclusive Heinen’s Fan Favorites seal.

If you’re in the mood for something with Southwest flavor, Heinen’s gourmet black bean burger is the perfect place to start. Crisped on the stove, layered with Heinen’s fresh guacamole (another Fan Favorite item) and served on toasted Heinen’s brioche buns, this burger proves that plant-based meals can be packed with flavor!

2 Heinen's Gourmet Black Bean Burger Patties in a pan

As if the premade burgers don’t make prep easy enough, Heinen’s also offers convenient hamburger topping packs in the Produce Department which include sliced tomato, onion and lettuce. In total, this recipe only requires 15 minutes from start to finish making it the ultimate stress-free meal.

Overhead view of burger ingredients and fries, and one open top Southwest Black Bean Burger

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

  • It Pairs Well with French Fries. This Southwest Black Bean burger can be paired with so many side dishes, but French fries are recommended! Heinen’s offers a wide variety of premium French fries in various cuts in the Frozen Department. Toss them in the air fryer until they’re perfectly golden brown and crispy and dinner is done!
  • It’s Topped with Heinen’s Fresh Guacamole. Made fresh in-store using premium Hass avocados, lots of lime and ripe additions like tomatoes and red onion, Heinen’s Fan Favorite fresh guacamole really gives this burger its Southwest flare.
  • It’s Finished with a Chipotle Lime Mayo. Primal Kitchen has an outstanding Chipotle Lime mayo made with avocado oil. It is packaged in an easy-to-use squirt top bottle, so pass it around at dinner table to give your family and friends a chance to customize their burger.
  • It Requires Minimal Prep Time. From the patties to the buns, all the way down to the toppings, Heinen’s does the heavy lifting for you. Whether you’re hosting a BBQ or looking for an easy summer-inspired weeknight meal, this time-saving will meet all of your expectations.
Southwest Black Bean Burger

Southwest Black Bean Burger


  • 1 package of Heinen’s brioche buns
  • 2 Heinen's gourmet black bean veggie burgers (1 package)
  • Heinen’s fresh made guacamole
  • Primal Kitchen chiptole lime mayo
  • 1 Heinen's burger topping kit (includes slices tomato, onion and lettuce)
  • Heinen’s pepper jack cheese, optional
  • Limes, optional
  • Heinen’s frozen French fries, for serving


  1. Melt some butter in a large skillet. Separate two brioche buns and place them cut-side-down in the skillet to toast, about 5 minutes. Set aside.

  2. Over medium-high heat, warm a little olive oil until it ripples slightly. Add the burger patties to the pan, flipping every 3 minutes. Flip the burgers four times. Feel free to add cheese to the tops of the burgers before removing them from the stove.

  3. When they’ve reached your desired outer crispness, remove the burgers from the stove and transfer them to a paper towel for a few minutes.

  4. Place the burgers on the brioche buns and top with the sliced tomato, onion and lettuce, fresh-made guacamole and chipotle lime mayo.

  5. Serve with French fries and enjoy!

Ashley Durand

By Ashley Durand

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