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Consider our Produce Department your local farmer’s market inside the grocery store! Since we started selling produce in the 1930s, we’ve followed a strict set of standards for appearance, taste, texture and ripeness to ensure that every fruit and veggie you take home is fresh, delicious and ready to be enjoyed!

Pepper display

Heinen’s Produce Department

There’s always something new and seasonal to try at Heinen’s! We carry 400 different kinds of fruits and vegetables in our stores. This includes 150 USDA Certified Organic varieties, a wide assortment of greenhouse-grown fruits and vegetables, a curated collection of unique discoveries from around the world and a robust selection of fresh produce grown in our own local communities. 

Step into our Produce Department and see what it’s like to eat from the top of the crop!

Blackberry Baked Oatmeal

Made In-House Customer Favorites

In our Produce Department, we believe that fresh is best, which is why we make it a priority to source the freshest, highest quality produce and turn it into made-in-house products that have been favorites of Heinen’s customers like fresh squeezed juices, fresh ground nut butters and pre-cut fruit. 

Fresh Discoveries

Fresh Produce Discoveries

There’s always something new to try in Heinen’s Produce Department, but knowing what to do with our more unique varieties can be confusing. From tropical fruits to in-season citrus, we have all of the information you’re craving about our favorite seasonal unfamiliar finds!

Helpful How Tos

How to Prepare Fresh Ginger and Turmeric

Boost your immunity and ignite your taste buds with fresh ginger and turmeric! Loaded with natural immune-boosting properties and big, earthy flavors, discover how to easily prepare and enjoy these powerful root vegetables.

Tips Tools and Techniques for Using Citrus

It’s amazing what a little fresh citrus zest and juice can do to a dish. Discover how to properly pick, zest, squeeze and store your favorite citrus fruit for all of your cooking, baking and snacking ventures.

How to Prepare, Store and Use Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs are the best way to amplify the flavor of anything you cook! Discover a few chef-inspired tips and tricks for making the most of fresh herbs in your everyday kitchen adventures.

How to Get the Most out of Mushrooms

Make magic happen in the kitchen with our incredible selection of fresh mushrooms! From common varieties like portobellos and shiitakes, to the more unique finds, discover all of the need-to-know tips for choosing, cleaning and cooking fresh mushrooms.

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