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Fresh Seafood

You don’t have to live by the sea to have fresh seafood!

Enjoy the luxury of fresh seafood from your local grocery store, regardless of your proximity to the coast. At Heinen’s, we entrust our fish expert to carefully select the best catches for our Cleveland and Chicago stores, working directly with trusted fishing partners who adhere to sustainable fishing practices, promoting the well-being of marine ecosystems.  

Expand your culinary horizons with Heinen’s diverse range of marine cuisine. From wild-caught salmon and fresh-cooked shrimp to succulent shellfish, our seafood counter offers the widest selection in the Midwest. We are proud to serve sustainably sourced food, so you can enjoy delicious meals that are also environmentally friendly.  

Your One-Stop Shop for Fish

When you step into Heinen’s, you’re entering the ultimate seafood market. Our skilled fishmongers are eager to assist with anything from selecting the best option for your meal to offering food prep recommendations. Whether you plan to host a clambaketry a new type of fish, or add an easy seafood dinner option to your recipe rotation, we aim to offer something for every person and palate.  

Heinen's Seafood Department.

Find Quality and Variety at Heinen’s Seafood Department

From wild-caught to farm-raised, our aquatic-fare stands out in taste and quality. Sourced from our trusted partners practicing sustainable fishing, our selection reflects the best catches of the season. Our Direct Overnight program delivers many of our catches to stores within 24 hours! 

Before your visit, contact your preferred Heinen’s location to check if we have the catch you’re craving! If it’s not in stock, you can conveniently place a special request over the phone to ensure it’s ready for your next shopping trip. We can fulfill most seafood cravings with at least 24 hours’ notice!

Don’t forget! We can order any seafood you are craving and have it delivered direct to our stores.

Heinen’s Commitment to Sustainable Fishing

Our unwavering commitment to delivering the best seafood to Cleveland and Chicago shoppers makes our seafood department one of the best fish markets in the Midwest. Our relationships with trusted fishing partners allow us to know exactly where and when our seafood was caught and who caught it, so we can confidently claim that the food you’re enjoying was sourced and handled responsibly from sea to store. 

A Plate of Fresh Fish on a Wood Surface.
Heinen's Frozen Sockeye Salmon in a Bowl with Fresh Vegetables.

Convenience in Frozen Fish

When you choose the convenience of our frozen fish section, our high-quality standards are not compromised. Our frozen fish is caught and frozen with as little time out of the water as possible, guaranteeing the quality you’ve come to expect from Heinen’s seafood department with the ease of preparation. Simply thaw, cook, and enjoy!  

In-Store Service: Talk to Our Fishmongers

Every seafood department, whether nestled in Cleveland or Illinois, is overseen by our dedicated fishmongers who are trained to enhance your shopping journey! Whether you are a seafood connoisseur or just dipping your toes into the world of fresh fish, our seasoned experts are ready to guide you on your journey. At Heinen’s, we pride ourselves on offering not just products, but personalized experiences.

Our fishmongers are the heart of our seafood department, offering not just fillets, but friendly advice, cooking tips, and insights into the diverse array of fish species available. They’re here to make your selection process a breeze, ensuring your choices align perfectly with your tastes and values. Stopping by the seafood section for a quick chat will take the intimidation out of purchasing and creating your latest seafood dish.  

Seafood Catering Trays

Seafood Catering Trays

Enjoy exquisite made-to-order catering trays. Explore a variety of delicious options, such as dip, gourmet shrimp, and Nova lox. Place your order online, or by contacting or visiting your preferred Heinen’s location. You can customize our seafood trays for any size event, showcasing the versatility and luxury of seafood.  

Call or visit your preferred Heinen’s location to place your order.

Clambake Catering Packages

Clambake Catering Packages

Simplify your clambake experience with Heinen’s. We provide all the ingredients for the meal, including non-food essentials to make clean-up easy! Choose from our selection of meal packages, designed for any size celebration, from family picnics to weekend gatherings.  

Seafood Recipe Inspiration

Begin your culinary adventures with Heinen’s, where every fish filet attests to our commitment to excellence. Savor the unique taste of responsibly sourced, sustainable, and high-quality seafood. 

Shrimp Boil Skewers

Blackberry Glazed Trout

Pan Seared Alaskan Salmon with Meyer Lemon Sauce